Patient Notes on an Ipad

In the past year, I’ve not only been lucky enough to be able to build a booming Chiropractic practice and help alot of people get well… I’ve also been able to build systems in my clinic that help other Doctors become more efficient and work smarter.

One of the ways that we’ve become more efficient is by taking steps to become more mobile.

Cue the Ipad

This one piece of equipment has allowed me to do things inside and outside of my clinic that I never thought possible. The other night I had a patient call me while I was laying in bed and she wanted me to look at some xrays she had just taken (they used a digital system that we are hooked into at our office). I was able to pull out my Ipad, connect to my office, and look at those films in high resolution and render a “spot read” for her. That was pretty powerful as she was worried about the films and what they might show.

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough that shows how easy it is to use the Ipad in a Clinic setting with your existing EMR software.


What You Need:

1) Apple iPad

2) LogMeIn Ignition App for the Ipad

3) LogMeIn Software on Your Office PC

4) EMR Software of Your Choice (I use Future Health Software in my clinic).


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