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Sitting is Killing You.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Life Left To Go


I just really love this song… Especially the first Line:

“Sometime the Edge Serves as More than a Friend than You Thought it Would Be”

How to Deal With “Haters”

If you know me at all… You know that I work my butt off for my family, friends, and community.

I am 100% aware that anytime someone works as hard as I do that there will be people that want to “tear them down” and they will look for any excuse to do just that. I know there are a lot of you out there that are dealing with this same thing right now.

I thought it would be cool to show you the rules I follow when negativity comes my way. This post is by a guy named Timothy Ferris and following the rules he list will help you keep your “head on straight” when “haters” try to shake you.

Hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me over the years.

20 Minute Payday Review – Russel Brunson

So let me start out by saying that I am a big Russell Brunson fan.

On a whim I purchased a membership to his DotComSecrets University and was blown away by all the great information that he provided. I was paying around $97 a month for his program and he completely overdelivered.

When I heard that Russell was launching a new product called “20 Minute Payday”, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

You can check out the landing page for the program here.

What You Get:

  • An Introduction: You Meet One of the Couples that has Made this System a Reality and Made Some Good Money.
  • The “100,000,000 Challenge” Videos (awesome….see below)
  • 4 Extremely Detailed Modules to Show You How the System Works.
  • Bonuses (Listed Below)

Bonus 1: 20 Minute Payday Research Software

This software is aimed at helping you figure out how many people are searching for your potential product and who your competitors are in that space. It also helps you by giving you an idea of how serious a competitor they are (inbound links,  traffic, etc)

Bonus 2:Fly Catcher Software:

Survey Software that you can use to build “Ask Campaigns” (They teach you what these are and how to do them in the training). I really dug this part of the training. This part alone (training plus software)was worth the price of admission.

Bonus 3: $1000 Call with Matt Bacak

This is apparently the guy Russell calls when he needs help. This was a really cool insight into what the Gurus do when they need a boost. Some cool info in the hour long consult call.

Bonus 4: Brunson / Filsaime Face Off

This was just too cool :) You just have to listen to it to get the idea (Hint: Russell ask Filsaime to give his business secrets and then Filsaime fires back and ask Russell the same thing…it was very good).

The “100,000,000 Challenge”

You also get a ton of step-by-step training about how from the project that set all this up… “The 100,000,000 Challenge”. This content is pretty sick and is an extremely detailed system. This is the core of the program and it shows you how to set up a niche content site, market it, and sell products the right way.

My Review:

This is a great program for Internet Marketers looking to get into niche sites and product creation. This $37 program is filled with tutorials to help you get a product, get your site set-up, and get people to help you make it great (and also sell it of course.)

Verdict: Worth every dime I spent.

You can get your own copy of the  “20 Minute Payday” from my affiliate link right here.

Patient Notes on an Ipad

In the past year, I’ve not only been lucky enough to be able to build a booming Chiropractic practice and help alot of people get well… I’ve also been able to build systems in my clinic that help other Doctors become more efficient and work smarter.

One of the ways that we’ve become more efficient is by taking steps to become more mobile.

Cue the Ipad

This one piece of equipment has allowed me to do things inside and outside of my clinic that I never thought possible. The other night I had a patient call me while I was laying in bed and she wanted me to look at some xrays she had just taken (they used a digital system that we are hooked into at our office). I was able to pull out my Ipad, connect to my office, and look at those films in high resolution and render a “spot read” for her. That was pretty powerful as she was worried about the films and what they might show.

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough that shows how easy it is to use the Ipad in a Clinic setting with your existing EMR software.


What You Need:

1) Apple iPad

2) LogMeIn Ignition App for the Ipad

3) LogMeIn Software on Your Office PC

4) EMR Software of Your Choice (I use Future Health Software in my clinic).

Landing Page Builder –

A few week’s ago I was putting together a landing page for one of our various online marketing campaigns when it hit me how bad I am at coding and designing webpages.

Its not that I don’t have an eye for design… its just that I don’t have a “coding bone” in my body.

I went looking for something to make it easier and had a heck of a time finding anything.

The fact is, I crank out alot of online marketing campaigns and its always a pain in the butt getting everything ready so I can start putting my copy on top of it.

I couldn’t find a stinking thing that was worth my time, so we just decided that we needed to build something to help out our cause. We ended up putting together a simple, web based, landing/sales/content builder that could crank out a page in no time flat.

We’ve been using the software for a while now and decided that others might be able to really use this thing.

We are now opening up our Landing Page generator to the public. It’s called Pagemkr and you can find it at To use it, you need to pay for an account (its a cheap $27 one time fee that we use to help maintain our hosting cost) and then all you have to do is login and use it anytime you need a quick landing or sales page.

It uses a WSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor so it’s pretty darn easy to use. Hope you get as much use out of it as we do!


Captivation Training: Visualization

Happy Friday Everyone!

Below is a copy of a Private Post that just went out to our Rockstar Marketing Mailing List.

We’re trying to decide if we should open more spots for this list…I’ll think on it.

Anyway, Check out our write up on an amazing selling tool that we call “Visualization”.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


Rock Star Marketing with Ben Adkins

Oh the beginning!!!!
There’s nothing like the very first post on a new blog.

I remember when I launched two years ago. I’m a little more focused now to say the least.

This blog will be have a simple theme. It will be the diary of my life as I step further into the world of Marketing. I’ve thought about this site for a longtime. Until now, however, it wasn’t a necessity.

In the past month, I’ve stumbled onto some amazing information and my whole world has changed. I wrote my first Marketing Book (Rockstar Marketing: Guide to Facebook Ads) and due to the content…it’s been selling…really well….more on that soon.

This blog is set up so you can follow everything…from start to finish….failure and triumph.

The goals:
-Destroy the need for an office. Everything must be mobile.
-Make a Living Online (so my day job can finally be just for fun)
-Give my wife the option to work….or not…
-Help others achieve their dreams by helping them grow their business.

I’m going to accomplish all that and show you how I do it every step of the way!
Stay tuned…this should be interesting :)

P.S. hope the pic makes you laugh :)

Television is Scary :)

I was recently interviewed for a story that I thought would be a side note on the news.

I later found out it got picked up by another station and both stations were promoting the heck out of it.

Point being… You never know where something is going to end up :) Very cool.